Mothers Day Gift Ideas

{My Mother Kept A Garden}

My Mother kept a garden,

A garden of the heart.

She planted all the good things

That gave my life it's start.

She turned me to the sunshine

And encouraged me to dream.

Fostering and nurturing

The seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rain came,

She protected me enough.

But not too much because she knew

I'd need to stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example

Always taught me right from wrong.

Markers for my pathway

That will last a lifetime long.

I am my Mother's garden.

I am her legacy.

And I hope today she feels the love

Reflected back from me.

Show you mum with a pamper day she will never forget… maybe for herself or with her daughters…

Prints will be there for her great great grandchildren to see…. A forever gift of love ❤️

Mother and Daughter photo shoot

Morhers Day photo session

Mothers day gifts that mean the world


Why portraits matter…

The wonderful Anne-Marie

“If like me you need some time for YOU!

Some time to feel like the most important person in the room...

Some time to share crazy life stories, to laugh hysterically then to reflect on how precious life can be...

To be made to feel beautiful, to look beautiful even when you think your best years are behind you...

And when the chaos of your life takes over again, and you need a reminder of how amazing you are, just need to sit down and look...

Then be a Red Shoe Girl 👠❤️

Thank you Sarah and Mandy for not only a wonderful

Day but for my beautiful box of memories 💕”

red shoe female portraits in chester, supporting female confidence through portraiture._0004.jpeg

To be a mother means

Chances are you were never shown what self love & care looked liked. What it really meant.

And if you are honest with yourself… what does self care look like to you? Or how do you think other people would feel about you declaring:

“self love for me!!”

You were shown how to be nice and kind to others... you were shown how to care for others. But never were you shown how to do this for yourself.

You may have been shown by actions or overheard conversations that to love yourself is selfish, narcissistic even ... by being shown to put others thoughts and feelings above your own makes you a good person.

We all want to be loved…..

But real self care and self love is not selfish... it is required by you to give the best you can to the others around you.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

And you feel this, because it should not be this hard!

This is not your fault... this is just learnt behaviour. Your mother was self sacrificing as was her mother.

It is our duty to raise the next generation of daughters to see their self worth. To see their capabilities. To not be self doubting. To have the confidence and the self-belief to go and live their best life.

And this starts with this generation of mothers.

The self sabotaging has to stop...

This is not just a portrait session.

This is your journey to stepping away from your sabotaging beliefs and stepping into the person that raises others up by actions of love.

Love for yourself always transforms those around you...


Female portrait experience in Chester

The wonderful Claire

“All I can say is WOW. What an amazing experience from start to finish. Sarah and Nicole could not have made me feel more at ease, or more special.

It’s been a challenging few years and, in particular, this last year has been a massive journey for me. And like so many others, self-care always seems to get put on the back burner. But sometimes you need to do something for yourself. This was my gift to myself.

red shoe female portraits in chester, supporting female confidence through portraiture._0004.jpeg

I am generally uncomfortable in front of a camera, I don’t really know what to do with myself and I feel silly and out of place. But there wasn’t a chance of that. From the moment I walked in and sat down with Nicole to have my makeup done, we were chatting away about all sorts of things whist Sarah joined in, in between sorting clothes. All day we chatted and laughed. Sarah directed without it really seeming like it and I didn’t feel silly or uncomfortable once because I wasn’t seeing myself as I usually do.

You will walk out of that studio feeling like to have made a friend – both in Sarah and Nicole but also with yourself.


red shoe female portraits in chester, supporting female confidence through portraiture._0003.jpeg
red shoe female portraits in chester, supporting female confidence through portraiture._0001.jpeg

The perfect valentine’s day gift

The perfect oh so sexy gift for this Valentine’s Day...

Red Shoe has created a limited, brand new, photo shoot session exclusively for this Valentine’s Day...


A one hour shoot at our Chester Studio with one 10”x7” beautifully mounted print at just £100

To include hair and makeup is at £160

Get in touch to book your session and gift the print to your lover on Valentine’s Day ❤️


Or you can treat your queen with a gift card to present on Valentine’s Day and she can book her shoot... {major hint alert needed girls}

Bookings for this session are incredibly limited, and the last chance to purchase will be February 12th ❤️


Mental Health Awareness

Today I was invited back to unite the union at airbus Broughton to talk about men’s mental health.....

These guys should be so proud in making this secret killer a normal conversation to have... and also working hard in putting systems in place to support anyone suffering with their mental health.

All for you Rich...


Life beyond the big C

Life beyond the big C

I am a #survivor of breast cancer (16yrs) I had a left breast mastectomy, 7 months chemotherapy and 5 weeks radiotherapy, 5 years Tamoxifen and 2 years Arimadex.
For all that time I’ve used a stick on prothesis in the cavity where my breast was, the stories I could tell you about that !!! hahaha !!

Over the last 3yrs I have lost 7.5 stone.
3 months ago I had DIEP Flap breast reconstruction at Whiston Hospital .
I am awaiting nipple reconstruction and an areola tattoo !

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More than just a makeover shoot // Christine //

More than just a makeover shoot // Christine //

I cannot recommend this experience enough; it allows you to see your self, as others do, not how you think you look. But it’s not just about how you look, it is about how you feel, it’s about celebrating a point in your life, it’s about capturing the moment, because all we have is now."

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More than just a makeover photo shoot // Angie //

More than just a makeover photo shoot // Angie //

"Red shoe make overs are less about having nice photos of yourself to look at and more about rebuilding confidence and strength.

I use this photo every day to remind me that I am fierce, I am strong, and even though I have not yet reached my goal weight....I am still beautiful.

Somewhere along life's painful journey in the past 2 years I lost myself. I lost my strength, my hope, my confidence and determination, and even the will to live. I had my makeover at the time my 10 year marriage was ending in hopes of feeling better about how I look.

What I did not know at the time was that life was about to get even more painful than I ever expected it could be. There are days I can not bear the thought of getting out of bed to take care of my 4 children when I just want to sit and cry all day.

Then I look at the expression on my face that Sarah somehow managed to catch on camera that reminds me I am better than that. I am stronger than the temporary pain I am going through. I deserve better than the broken relationships and lost friendships. I am a kind and loving person. I am a great mother and a damn good friend anyone would be lucky to have.

I will never trust or love another man as long as I live and I am ok with that. My children need me and I will fight to find my way back to the person I see in this beautiful photograph. I gave of myself more than I could afford to give to people that did not appreciate or deserve it and now it's time to give back to myself. This makeover was the 1st step in doing that. Thank you Nicole and Sarah for reminding me that I am beautiful, inside and out and that I deserve peace and happiness in my life.

All my love and gratitude,


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Boho photo shoot

Boho photo shoot

Something magical happened....three artists collaborated to create this Boho bride inspired photo shoot

The days of vintage weddings are coming to an end...we see Boho glamour making its way through

And we LOVE it

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Makeover photography UK

Makeover photography UK

Dear Sarah and Mandy

So firstly I need to give you big thank you kisses!!

I had THE BEST time on the Friday, I was on cloud 9 for a good two weeks after! I have repeated this phrase to all of my friends “I have never felt this attractive or sexy in my whole life”. I had so much fun, loved having my make up done I wish I could have Mandy in my pocket at all times! I didn’t care what I was wearing as Mandy was creating my hair in amazing curls, I think I was in love with my o...wn hair!

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Emma // Red Shoe Makeovers

Emma // Red Shoe Makeovers

"What can I say about my Red Shoe experience, apart from it was fucking amazing!!??

Red Shoe came to my attention last year when a couple of my photographer friends showed me the photos they'd had taken by Sarah and I thought they were bloody gorgeous! I really wanted to have a shoot but kept putting it off as I was busy with work and I wanted to lose some weight and blah blah blah!

But, after a roller-coaster of a year and with my 40th approaching I decided to do it as an early birthday present to myself, to mark this milestone and to celebrate everything I've achieved so far in my life.

I can't tell you how excited I was for the shoot!

Mandy made me feel totally at ease straight away as she started to work her make-up magic on me, she made me look amazing!

And then Sarah, well Sarah made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman that ever walked the earth! 

I'm not used to having my photo taken, it's usually me doing the shooting but honestly, I did not want it to end! Afterwards I literally skipped out of the studio and sang in the car all the way home, I felt like I was on cloud 9!

Mandy, Sarah, I can't thank you enough for how you made me feel that day and every day since! I'm now going to hit 40 feeling fabulous"

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Cat Williams | Red Shoe makeovers

Cat Williams | Red Shoe makeovers

"My Red Shoe experience was also about practising what I preach.  My passion is to empower others to believe in themselves.  I am a relationship counsellor, confidence coach, speaker and author.  I have worked for more than 10 years with people of all ages and from all walks of life who are struggling with life’s circumstances, perhaps relationship breakdown, stress or anxiety"

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Photographers Workshop....find your voice ♥

Photographers Workshop....find your voice ♥

What started as spreading the love for photographing woman, has now turned into a pure love in talking to other photographers about THEIR voice...about how nobody else can photograph in the way that they do..

That each photographer is unique

That you should find what makes you jump out of bed each morning...even if it is to photograph a bowl of fruit....if it puts fire into your belly then photograph it..

That each photographer has a voice....and we talk about that....we go into that after the workshop. We talk about it in our little Facebook group...that I send emails every week afterwards encouraging them to find their voice

And that moment they find their voice is beautiful to see.

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