Lucy | Red Shoe Makeovers

Lucy....oh look are absolutely beautiful inside and out, you have such a sweet soul...and a fabulous husband for gifting a red shoe shoot as a birthday gift!

It was an absolute joy to photograph are a perfect #redshoegirl

"So I originally wanted to do a photoshoot before I turned 30. I had lost three stone after having my second baby and thought it would be a nice way to commemorate my 20's. When I saw Red Shoe I just loved it! It was everything I was looking for, bringing out a women's best; sexy, powerful without being seedy. But life happens, so a house move and a baby later and here I am two years on. My shoot was booked as a surprise by my husband and given to me the night before my birthday. After all the hinting I had done, my initial reaction was excitement but when I opened it to find it was booked for the following morning, the panic started to set in! Arghhhhh my roots need doing and I would like to be a stone lighter!!! I decided I was more excited than nervous though and as soon as I arrived the following morning any nerves or apprehension were left at the door. Mandy made me feel confident straight away and we chatted away while she worked her magic. Then Sarah arrived and I was instantly excited about the shoot, she was fun and sassy. The whole experience was amazing, I loved every minute of it! Sarah was so complimentary the whole time and made me feel sexy and confident, I didn't want it to end. Then I got to see the photos... Omg I absolutely love them, they are everything I hoped for and more! Thank you Sarah and Mandy, you two ladies are amazing! Lots of love, Lucy xxxx"