Lucy Lucy.....we bloody love you ♥

"Ok so here are a few words to describe the amazingness of my shoot with Red Shoe and the wonderful, lovely and fabulous dream team that is Sarah & Mandy. I've been a huge fan of Red Shoe for quite some time now but it was always something I never thought I'd actually have the bottle to go through with. I lost count of the times I started typing out a message to Sarah then deleted without sending!! My battle with depression, anxiety and... low self esteem started a long time ago due to variety of things that happened growing up but a long term relationship with somebody who thought it was fun to play on the insecurities I had about my looks and appearance made everything a whole lot worse. After a lot of patience, hard work and an unbelievable amount of strength and support from my amazing best friend and Mum, after 4 years I felt like I was winning. Then in March this year, my beautiful, wonderful, irreplaceable Mum passed away unexpectedly without any warning and my whole world changed overnight. Now, everyone around me tells me I've coped brilliantly with things but what they don't know is a huge part of me died when my Mum did; the bad habit of bottling things up and putting on a brave face are back with a vengeance as are the depression, anxiety and low self esteem issues. Queue Red Shoe to shake things up a bit!!! I decided it was now or never, after all you never know what's around the corner or when your time's up!! Even though it was all booked and paid for, it took everything I had not to back out and cancel but boy am I glad I stuck to my guns and went through with it!! The wonderful Mandy was just lovely putting me at ease instantly, making me laugh and working miracles with my face and hair, and as for the beautiful Sarah, she was just amazing guiding me through every step of the shoot and making me feel absolutely fabulous!! I cannot put into words how grateful I am to these two wonderful ladies for giving me the best day I've had in a long time, you're both just truly amazing - thank you from the bottom of my heart! xxxxxxxx"