Ok….. Where do I start!! I have found this difficult to write. Firstly I booked my Red Shoe experience as part of my ‘healing process’. Now this is nothing medical, but I have under gone counselling to help myself through some recent realisations. As well as counselling, I had also started writing a blog to log some of my experiences, my thoughts, and my healing journey in the hope one day it may help others. I have always looked on at Sarah and Mandy’s Red Shoe shoots in awe, the girls always looks fabulous and have their own story. I never felt I could do it, it was something I would like to do one day…. aim for maybe.

You see I have serious low self-esteem (yes most girls/ladies suffer with this), I have always been made to think and thought of myself as a fat ugly duckling, never growing into a gracious swan as I would never be good enough. I have always seen myself as this worthless individual that was such a bad person and did not value myself in anyway.

So the day came that I just went for it, I had a good session with the counsellor, realised I wasn’t a worthless as I have been told I was. When I got home logged into Facebook, as if by fate (if you believe in it) Sarah had posted another Red Shoe blog. Another inspiring story and a stunning model, my mind was made up. I discussed it with my husband, sent the email, booked the date and paid the deposit… no going back now!

I’ve known Sarah for some time as she was our wedding day photographer and my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws photographer (as well as best friend). I knew I could trust her whole heartily and I know Mandy is an amazing make-up artist, you can see that from the photos she posts on her page.

On the day I was a nervous wreck, I couldn’t eat, I could only manage coffee and lots of it. Once I had arrived at the studio I was welcomed by a gorgeous Mandy and we chatted while she created her masterpiece. Then it was over to Sarah and her special helper Megs, who is just as a creative genius as her mother. All nerves disappeared, in fact I did not feel one bit nervous while Sarah was snapping away.

Since the sneak peak was posted on the Red Shoe page I have had a few messages, all from people asking me about my experience and would I recommend it. My answer to them was GO, GO, GO book it before you regret it. I still have some ‘issues’ that will take a long time for me to get over and maybe I never will. Some of the photos I do not like, not because they are awful photos, but due to what they show and my own self-perception of myself. When I showed my husband and explained this he just said “I see you in a completely different light than you do”, so even though I think he is biased I think I will let him have that one haha.

So if you are reading this and thinking the same thoughts as I was, tell yourself you are really a truly beautiful, amazing person and you deserve to shake off those duckling feathers and become a beautiful swan.

Lots of love xxx