Viki & Moo

I had simply LOVED every moment with Viki and Matty from their secret wedding to this bedin shoot....all the messages, the planning and arrangements, I am going to miss you guys!!!! 

Oh where to start....

I have seen Red Shoe and Sarah Jane's Photography through friends and thought WOW those girls look amazing, including 3 of my closest friends. I thought I would love to do that but just did not have the confidence. I am a plus size girl and we don't do that sort of thing (or so I thought)

In 2013 i met Matty or Moo as I call him. We met at karate club and
became friends. We were both in very bad relationships at the time, we were unhappy people, lost, unloved and sad!!!

As friends we supported each other through some difficult times inc helping our children to adjust to their loss and upset.

Then one day there it was, that look, little touch of the hand, that rush of blood, guess we were no longer just friends, texting started, karate became excitement to see each other, i knew from then i was going to fall in love with this man. I struggled to allow myself to do that, I lacked confidence , trust, scared of showing my feelings again, he persevered, said it was fate, he calls me Victoria and says we were meant to be, I allowed myself to have the luxury of having him. He's the most loving, compassionate, thoughtful man I have ever met. Then it came, love confidence, trust, happiness. A wonderful father, friend and protector of my , he makes me feel beautiful every day.

We married 2 yrs after meeting and have never been happier.

So our advice to anyone is never give up on love, when you have it treasure it!!!

We hope you can see how happy we are

All our love Victoria and Moo ♥♥