Chester Makeover photo shoot with Alison ♥

I met my husband Yoan following a personal tragedy that I didn’t think I would ever recover from. He said I was different and intelligent ha ha I was crazy! Perhaps my allure was my craziness. Had I been sane and not living for now I don’t think I would have taken the risk of falling in love with someone so many miles from home... fast forward two yrs... We married the day I finished work for maternity leave. It was a visa necessity (so unromantic). We told our families that weekend and I went into labour with our first child on the Tuesday. Over the years we have always said we would find the money for a big day but it has never happened... we never have the money! This year marks our ten years of marriage. I wanted to do something a bit different and special for Yoan. He knows how i perceive myself so he will get how special this really is. He is going to be so shocked! ha ha. I have the bumps, bulges, scars, laughter and love lines that Yoan says honour me and our three children. I am never going to be a glamour model, I get that... but the ethos of red shoe inspired me... real pics of real women! Mandy and Sarah gave me the confidence to enjoy a 'happy to be me' moment. Thank you both so much! Aged 85 I am going to be really proud of these photos (because we never appreciate our beauty at the time). I took a leap of faith then and now and I still love you lots of bags of sugar Yoan... ti amo! Alison xxx