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This is the beautiful Holly.....when I received Holly's message after he saw her images, I had to go into the back yard and compose myself before replying....I could not see the keyboard keys for snot & tears.

And THIS is why Red Shoe was created....THIS!....

"Sat here actually crying!!! Oh my God, how is this me??? They honestly look incredible! I don't even look too fat which is a massive bonus haha! No seriously, wow! Just wow!! I've never said this before and I'll probably never say it again but I look really fab haha! My hair is so curly and some of them are really sexy haha!

Sarah you are incredible! Truly inspirational! Since last Monday, my outlook has really changed - I know that sounds hard to believe but it really has. I've always been really insecure in regards to everything - body shape, size, feet and height but I realised I needed to feel more secure. I've let some friends really treat me badly in the past because I seriously thought I lacked the ability to say something. Something changed on Monday - never been made to feel beautiful by anybody before other than my fiance and my mum lol! Completely empowered me both outwardly and inwardly. I've always thought I'm crap at everything and haven't pursued things I really should have. You and Mandy have inspired me completely to stop caring as much about what other people think and focus on what I think and care about. For my wedding, I have made all my stationary and I decided after the shoot monday that I'm going to start a little business after the wedding selling some of my stationary bits and see if there is a market for it. I kind of thought, why not right?? An attitude I have never had before!

I know you are so used to calling everybody else beautiful after these shoots but Sarah YOU are the beautiful one and have literally changed me for the better! I can not thank you enough! I think Martin will love these somehow.  My wedding date is 12th June so my hubby to be should have had them that morning. A part of me can not wait for you to share them - to show all those women out there who have said/ done anything nasty to me in the past that actually I'm the winner from all this. You made me the winner and for that I will be forever grateful! Thanks so much my lovely, you have no idea how amazing you are! I will never forget the experience and will treasure it forever. It won't be the last you've heard from me I promise! Loads and loads of massive Red shoe Love xxxxxxxx"