Dawn | Red Shoe

I am so excited to share Dawns images with you.... These images were a gift to her husband on the morning of their wedding {I cannot wait to see the wedding day images!}

"So, December 30th was the most amazing, magical and romantic day of my life... I am now a married lady and am off on honeymoon to Malta with my Mr Wilce.

Life is good. No, life is awesome! I keep pinching myself thinking that it's a bit of a dream!

In the last 3 years I've found my soul mate, moved into my dream home, had a gorgeous baby girl and have just got myself a fantastic new job!

But it hasn't always been this way.

I've had several rocky periods over the years; from post natal depression to repeated redundancies, a divorce, losing my business and a neurological condition which sometimes threatens to floor me. My confidence and feeling of self worth has been battered but beneath it all I've fortunately had the resilience to move forwards. Whilst on this roller-coaster my weight has been up and down too; I've always classed myself as a bigger girl and have experienced all the usual taunts and jibes about my build over the years so I've always worried about my appearance.

In fact there are few pictures of me from my teens and twenties when I hid in baggy black ill-fitting clothes and a frizzy mop of curly hair. I tried to look nice and made an effort, but hated shopping for clothes and nothing looked nice on my short apple-shaped frame.

following the break up of my marriage I lost 5 stone in weight. Wow, what a boost this gave me! It gave me the confidence to look for love again and I was lucky to meet James. Since then we've both fallen in love and got comfy.. I've put some weight back on but this time I have retained some of my confidence and self worth. This is mainly due to my awesome partner who sees my beauty and showers me with compliments daily. It is clear he thinks I'm hot stuff! So I decided as he was such a fan of Dawn Elliott that I'd give him a memento for a wedding present... A Red Shoe photo album. He has loads of pics of me on his phone so I knew some professional ones would be a very special gift for him.

Booking it was easy as it was so obvious it would be perfect for him, but going through with it was tough! I was very nervous on the day, but when Mandy met me she totally put me at ease as I had my hair and makeup done. What a beautiful person she is! Then Sarah went through my wardrobe with me and was so very complimentary about what I'd taken! Apparently I do have style! She was very reassuring and I relaxed quickly, falling into the experience with increasing ease. I just kept thinking of James and how much he would love these pictures and it spurred me on.

I gave my new husband his photo album with my Red Shoe portraits for a wedding gift earlier this week. I was extremely nervous about his reaction to say the least. I shouldn't have been though as he was in awe of the pictures and has since been telling everyone how beautiful his wife his! He's shown my album to lots of friends as he's so proud.. Despite feeling initially embarrassed about this I've been surprised by the compliments I've received and it's given me another confidence boost! Thank you Red Shoe for the experience, I loved every minute.

Much love, Dawn xx"