Angela | Red Shoe Makeovers

Angela is already a Red Shoe Girl....and after her last photo shoot, she straight away wanted to come back again, and said words of pure magic to me....

"This time style the shoot"

And so style this shoot I did, I wanted more of a pretty girlie look for this shoot {the opposite of Angela's last shoot} I brought new props and made paper flowers..

I visualised slightly out of focus images, shot through the mirror to give us these dreamy, beautiful images....and with Angela's trust in me this is what we created...

Angela you are just a pure dream to photograph....and I cannot wait to photograph you again....thank you for your trust in me, you have filled my creative heart  


"My story is simple...

after already doing a red shoe shoot I craved a feeling that I didn't find anywhere else - no where else did I come out feeling so damn good about myself - you can't get this feeling anywhere else, no spa can offer the exhilaration you get doing this.

Mandy I swear wields a magic wand to get the look you never thought possible and then Sarah takes pictures with a magic camera emphasising all the best bits you didn't know you had -

this will not be my last shoot I can't wait to see those amazing ladies again xxx"

Makeup by Mandy Rigby