Photographers Workshop....find your voice ♥

The second Red Shoe workshop in April...was simply perfect..

Again thank you so much to the female photographers that attended...

What started as spreading the love for photographing woman, has now turned into a pure love in talking to other photographers about THEIR voice...about how nobody else can photograph in the way that they do..

That each photographer is unique

That you should find what makes you jump out of bed each morning...even if it is to photograph a bowl of fruit....if it puts fire into your belly then photograph it..

That each photographer has a voice....and we talk about that....we go into that after the workshop. We talk about it in our little Facebook group...that I send emails every week afterwards encouraging them to find their voice

And that moment they find their voice is beautiful to see..

So here is a little blog post with some word-love from the April workshop photographers...

"When I first saw Sarah's advertisement for her workshop I just couldn't quite contain my excitement at the thought that I might actually be able to go to one. I have followed Sarah (not in creepy way which I did reassure Sarah of when we first chatted lol) for years, I love her wedding photography and then when she started doing Red Shoe I just loved the way she was able to show women in such a natural and beautiful way through her images....they were more than just photographs, you could see their emotion...a glimpse into their souls.

So I was overjoyed to get a place on the April workshop and when I told my friend Kamila about it she jumped at the chance too!

On meeting Sarah she is gorgeous! And so welcoming to us all, made us feel so comfortable in her studio, and we all sat and chatted getting to know each other before we began.

I can't say how important that day was to me, not just because of what I learnt but just to be surrounded by other wonderful photographers who have all been through the same trials and life and who are all trying to make the best out of themselves.

Sarah you were inspirational and I think I can speak for everyone in saying that you empowered us and made us realise that when we put our heart and soul into something we can do great things.

Thank you so much,

Suze xxxx"


"Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for sharing all of your wonderful talent, words and experience with us last week! It was amazing to hear the stories that encouraged Red Shoe’s beginning, to see how well it has progressed since then, and to hear from a real life Red Shoe Girl (who is just so gorgeous!) the impact it’d had on her.

The advice you gave, from posing (not posing ;)) to capturing true emotions was fab. I learned so much about how to interact with clients and connect with them in a way that makes their sessions feel natural.

The workshop has left me feeling inspired to learn and shoot more. I’m looking forward to sharing with, and seeing more from you and all of the wonderful ladies I met last week!

Sarah Horton"

"Hello Sarah,

The sun has finally come out on our bank holiday weekend, we were supposed to be sorting the garden, in readiness for our chickens to arrive, but the weather has been pants...anyway the roast dinner is on and I'm sat outside with a class of wine, feeling a little more chilled.

Yesterday I was putting a collage together, of a lovely family park shoot I had a few months ago, and I was trying to put into practice what I'd learnt from Tuesday, and how I'd sell it to my ideal customer.

I've really tried to take on board what you said, I've babbled on to my dad, sister and hubby about what I have learnt and how much you have inspired me, I loved the way you keep it so calm and relaxed, and you make it look so easy. The other thing that struck me, was how we are all so insecure about ourselves, but each and everyone of those nervous girls had something to give, and loved being part of it. I've got some practice to do now, and I'm working on my ideal customer.

My sister was diagnosed a couple of wks ago with cervical cancer, her treatment starts next Monday, so if I can I'm going to try and do a little bit with her on Saturday, and try and make her feel really nice, she's put lots of weight on recently so I'm ready for a few excuses lol xx

Thank you so much sarah, for what you have given me, and your amazing team, you should be very proud of yourself, you all are amazing.. And I will continue to bee...inspired

Sarah bee"

"Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...

Where to start...

Well firstly, let's start by saying thank you (seems a good enough place to me!?) for having me at your Red Shoe workshop yesterday. What you have created through these shoots is awe inspiring and as soon as you posted about your desire to share your knowledge with others, I just knew I had to be there and soak up as much as I possibly could. As a (definite!) 'beginner' to photography I have been overwhelmed by the critique I see on images in forums/groups, that I think are beautiful, so as you can imagine I have absolutely no confidence that I could ever create an image that someone would say 'WOW' at! 

However, attending your workshop yesterday has ignited a passion in me to create beautiful images, I'm not even sure what of yet, but I know that I want to see emotion and create a depth and feeling from an image that the viewer didn't know was there. I cannot thank you enough for speaking 'normally' about light and posing and not bombarding me with terms and phrases I don't completely get yet. I will be shouting from the rooftops to anyone who has even the slightest interest in photography to get in touch with you and attend a workshop. You have so much knowledge and passion to share, you are an amazing teacher and hugely inspiring...and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart...

All my love,

Gems x"

"Sarah , Thank you so much for all the love and passion you showed us on Tuesday. I have to say driving to Chester on Tuesday morning I was feeling very nervous and feeling like a total fraud , my worrying was all in the direction of 'what if they think I'm crap' 'they will al be great photographers & I'm not' all this rolling around inside my head which got to the point where I thought ...I'll pull over call to say I'm ill and go home . But I'm SO GLAD I didn't , as soon as I saw your lovely smile and got an even lovelier cuddle (Just what I needed) my fears started to melt a little. 

Your passion and excitement stirred something inside me ... I want to make woman feel empowered , I want to make them feel beautiful again ... I want to make a difference in someone's life . 

I can not thank you enough for making re think things, make me want to make new plans for the future. 

You completely inspired me on the amazing journey you take these beautiful women on.

I would say to anyone that is even thinking about a workshop to come to you , talk to you and I guarantee that you will book on Sarah's workshop . 

I could spend all the time in the world watching you work and listening to you knowledge  

You are a true GEM ! 

Big Kiss

Lisa xxxx"

 I split the workshop in to two the 1st session I show the photographers how I photograph, pose and connect with my Red Shoe girl..

and the second session each photographer had 5 minutes to photograph our model on their own....

Within my 1st session I wanted to capture 10 images

And I did this because I wanted to show the photographers how easy it is....
How you do not need lots of props...
 You do not need to over-think "what poses? what the hell am I going to do!"
You do not need a huge amount of space

That less is more
That posing is just creating shape and space...

Finally I want to thank Mandy for her amazing make-up skills

Your love for Red shoe is, as always, as beautiful and powerful as you are

I love you always...

Also a massive thank you to our model well as being a Red Shoe Girl {see her full photo shoot and story here} she is also new to the photography world...and one to watch! She is a beautiful photographer and I cannot wait to watch her grow into the amazing photographer I know she will become..

Love to you Sam xxx

Much Love