Cat Williams | Red Shoe makeovers

Cat you are an inspiration!!

I am so excited to share this beautiful Red Shoe photo session alongside Cats words....

And..... this will not be the last time time we hear from Cat, as she will be writing a piece for just you girls here at Red Shoe...

Much love to you


“A friend talked about her Red Shoe experience with Sarah and I knew I had found something I had to do for myself and for my husband...

My husband is in the British Army. We have spent at least half of our 15 years together living apart due to active tours of duty, months of training or the other varying circumstances of a military life.  There have been many house moves and many challenges but these photos are about celebrating the relationship and family we have created together and to say that all the sacrifices and troubles along the way have been, and continue to be, worth it!

Thank you to my husband for working so hard, for giving everything he can to the job and family he loves.

My Red Shoe experience was also about practising what I preach.  My passion is to empower others to believe in themselves.  I am a relationship counsellor, confidence coach, speaker and author.  I have worked for more than 10 years with people of all ages and from all walks of life who are struggling with life’s circumstances, perhaps relationship breakdown, stress or anxiety.

I love empowering others, but in order to do that I must also remember to empower myself so I stepped outside of my comfort zone a little and booked with Sarah.  What an experience!  I felt liberated and care-free, beautiful and powerful - everyone woman should experience the feeling!

When I saw the photos I loved them.  It was so hard to choose the ones I thought my husband would like best.

I gave them to him the evening before Father’s Day.  I arranged a babysitter for an hour and we cycled to a local pub for a drink.  I wrote a note explaining that this present was something that I never thought I’d give him, but that I wanted to demonstrate how much our relationship meant to me.  He had no idea what to expect!

He was blown away when he saw them. He just smiled from ear to ear and asked things like "How?!” “Where?!” “When!”

Now when he is away with the Army he can take them with him and know that I love him and miss him and can’t wait till he comes back home.

Thank you Sarah for an amazing experience, I hope many other women get to experience it too. Love Cat xx

(For more information about Cat including her talks and workshops on minimising stress please see or her YouTube video and book link

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