Makeover photography UK

Dear Sarah and Mandy

So firstly I need to give you big thank you kisses!!

I had THE BEST time on the Friday, I was on cloud 9 for a good two weeks after! I have repeated this phrase to all of my friends “I have never felt this attractive or sexy in my whole life”. I had so much fun, loved having my make up done I wish I could have Mandy in my pocket at all times! I didn’t care what I was wearing as Mandy was creating my hair in amazing curls, I think I was in love with my o...wn hair!

Setting the scene: My very gorgeous husband was turning 30 in March, a big mile stone in our lives and I wanted to get him a great present. His list of a lego death star or a new bike didn’t inspire the memorable gift I was after. Then a friend recommended Sarah (a recommendation I will be doing a million times over!). A perfect gift because let’s be honest ladies his favourite thing is you. What I didn’t realise is the amazing effect it would have on my confidence (also an added bonus gift for him fyi). So I went into ninja wife mode and decided to have the photo shoot as a secret and surprise him on the day of his big 30. It’s quite hard to be a ninja wife when you fill the boot with the biggest suit case you own, a bin bag full of shoes plus other non car items like fur blankets!! Fortunately I give my husband more credit than is due for his power of observation and he remained clueless till the big reveal!

You know the shoot was a success when you use phrases like “I totally forgot I was naked” and Mandy suggests you are bosom buddies!! The ladies did an amazing job to make you feel at ease, the whole day was just so much fun! I was so sad it was over. Sarah is an amazing photographer and has endless creative ideas! The confidence I walked away was so clear. The night of the shoot I’m mooching around in granny PJs (previously deemed not sexy) exuding sexy self-confidence and my husband is looking at me like I’m dinner!! Self-confidence is an outfit all on its own and Sarah will definitely help you find yours!

So big reveal…I showed him a video Sarah had put together first (which he loves) bless his eyes were like saucers. He loved the pictures; I think he was disappointed I hadn’t bought ALL of them home!! He is pleased his super sexy wife is immortalised forever for him to keep. I rendered him speechless! Sarah, I was right, the pearl necklace picture was his favourite! I love myself in them so much I foresee 80 yr old me having a massive canvas of myself laid out on a fur blanket above the fire place squawking to the grand kids that once upon a time Gran’s boobs were near her chin and her butt was something to be envied!! Though with Sarah skills I’m sure she could even make 80 yr old me look hot stuff!!

I know the hubby loves them but even if he didn’t I love them, the experience was worth every penny and something I would do again in a heartbeat. If even just for an excuse to spend time with Sarah and Mandy again! I cannot thank you enough Sarah!!