To be a mother means

Chances are you were never shown what self love & care looked liked. What it really meant.

And if you are honest with yourself… what does self care look like to you? Or how do you think other people would feel about you declaring:

“self love for me!!”

You were shown how to be nice and kind to others... you were shown how to care for others. But never were you shown how to do this for yourself.

You may have been shown by actions or overheard conversations that to love yourself is selfish, narcissistic even ... by being shown to put others thoughts and feelings above your own makes you a good person.

We all want to be loved…..

But real self care and self love is not selfish... it is required by you to give the best you can to the others around you.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

And you feel this, because it should not be this hard!

This is not your fault... this is just learnt behaviour. Your mother was self sacrificing as was her mother.

It is our duty to raise the next generation of daughters to see their self worth. To see their capabilities. To not be self doubting. To have the confidence and the self-belief to go and live their best life.

And this starts with this generation of mothers.

The self sabotaging has to stop...

This is not just a portrait session.

This is your journey to stepping away from your sabotaging beliefs and stepping into the person that raises others up by actions of love.

Love for yourself always transforms those around you...