Life beyond the big C

So.... here she is.... Our very own Mandy

Your Makeup artist
My friend
My absolute Angel....I love you more than words could ever say ❤️


“This has taken me a while to write - I have so many things I want to say - I hope you understand from this just exactly what this photoshoot means to me ❤

My experience of life in my 60yrs of living has been enriched to its fullest capacity from a beautiful heady love and friendship with my darling Gray for 40yrs.

My journey till now has had a few bumps , twists and turns but HE has always been by my side to love and cherish me ❤ to coin a phrase - I am blessed indeed .

I have three handsome boys, who have three beautiful girls and a family so close and loving. My friends are totally lush and fierce and I adore them all!


A Wife, Mumma, Makeupartist, Reiki Master, Educator, business owner

I am a #survivor of breast cancer (16yrs) I had a left breast mastectomy, 7 months chemotherapy and 5 weeks radiotherapy, 5 years Tamoxifen and 2 years Arimadex.
For all that time I’ve used a stick on prothesis in the cavity where my breast was, the stories I could tell you about that !!! hahaha !!

Over the last 3yrs I have lost 7.5 stone.
3 months ago I had DIEP Flap breast reconstruction at Whiston Hospital .
I am awaiting nipple reconstruction and an areola tattoo !

I have a cleavage -
I feel at peace with myself
I feel amazing.
I feel even MORE Sexyyyyy !!!
I feel alive and I feel the REAL me !


SO my darling Sarah gave birth to Red Shoe 7yrs ago when we first met … We have journeyed the path together …. its highs and lows and I am so bloody proud to play a small part in the legend that is now storming the country !! RED SHOE Rocks !!!!!

Having spent all my working life making up amazing women to show them just how beautiful they are - MY RED SHOE experience has given me TOTAL empowerment and I feel more than justified to say #iamfuckingawesome

Thank YOU Nicole for my stunning makeup and hair.. YOU are incredible at what you do and I am so damn proud of you girrrl !!! xx

Thanks Sarah!!! .. I look incredible !!! … YOU have shown me the REAL me !!
I LOVE you !!! ❤”