Let’s talk about age shaming

Let’s talk about age shaming.

Because I’m not really hearing this conversation loud enough … it’s like the pink elephant nooooooo one is talking about.

”ermmm frumpy mum sex… I wouldn’t know what that is”

Was said from some 20 something Porn performer to us 5 mums while we were researching the industry for the documentary “Mums Make Porn”


And this comment stung… collectively we had about 120 of sexual experience between us five grown ass women, and here was this 20 something with her all of what, 5-7 years of sexual experience… looking at us like we didn’t have a clue…?!?!

Passive, arrogant age shaming.


So …

You are busy enjoying life, but then something will happen at around 35. The comments will be made about how you dress/your hair/or have you had children will begin to creep in.

Are you not married???

Well wait until you hit 40 and beyond!

Now at your most confident, your most grown, your opinions and thoughts are emotionally and intellectually articulated upon the experiences life has given you... you have absorbed them all...

But honey you are now irrelevant. Apart from the mass beauty campaigns to help keep you “young”... your relevance in this world is no more.

And I see this all the time with every women who has left her 40s... even the women dreading her 40s... She has felt the irrelevance.

So let’s stop this... and it starts with you. You the fabulous, incredible WOMAN that you are... And this is what 40, 50 and 60 looks like...

fabulous, strong, intelligent, interesting, life personified, relevant and incredibly beautiful....

red shoe female portraits in chester, supporting female confidence through portraiture._0004.jpeg
red shoe female portraits in chester, supporting female confidence through portraiture._0005.jpeg

Sarah xxxx