Mums Make Porn

One year ago today I was invited to create a casting video for a place on the incredible documentary “Mums Make Porn”

(This is me after two hours sleep after arriving home from holiday and getting up to take my girl to her 1st day of college.....

I was shattered....

Filter was my friend this day...)

On the Wednesday I had a meeting with a director and producer.

On the Friday I was told I had “The Part”

On the following Monday I was on a train down to London for the 1st day of filming....


Believe me, in a blink of an eye your world can come crashing around you. The unimaginable pain can be wrapped around you with no warning....

And you know that saying

“life does not happen TO you, but FOR you”

can at times feel like a stinging punishment....

This time last year was LIFE reminding me that:

if in a moment your life can fall apart... this then means, that by odds, by the ying & yang, by the equilibrium of life, that life can also throw an unexpected adventure your way....

So (hey girl!!) this is me reminding YOU....

An adventure could happen to you at any time. And when it does, when it knocks on your door.... as broken as you feel... will you be open enough to embrace it?

Will you take the risk that life can throw you the good & crazy & unexpected... ?

Will you always only expect the “certainty” that only bad things can happen in a blink of an eye? That only bad things are the unplanned, the unprepared....?

Strong back... for the bad

Soft front.... to stay open

And wild heart.... to go on the adventure

Go forward and expect the adventures too xxx