Thoughts become things // Photographer Training

The law of receptivity
"The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving"

The 1st four laws are about giving, they are not about the getting paid well for what you do... this one is.

So you may find this idea a bit tough.

If you do, do the money forgiveness exercise I have given to you before... basically write down every bad memory you have around money, every bad experience. Then as you read through every experience I want you to say;
I forgive you
I'm sorry
I love you

Or maybe you believe that there are two types of people in the world....only mean, self obsessed, will do anything to reach the top people are rich....and nice people are the ones living on the breadline, humble and happy?

Maybe look at why you believe this? What experience you have had with rich people, how they made you feel... why do you think you feel this way? Why you believe you shall always be poor? *if you are

Release that shit into the air and make way to receive...

If you are going to give you have to receive... if you are not receiving you are letting the world/universe know that you are happy to give and not receive... that you don't really want to be paid for work!

Don't trade services... please do create and calibrate, I truly believe in creating, I truly believe in working out ideas on your own time and not a paying clients time... but do not trade services or do as a favour, let anyone know that if they want a service from you then they pay for it... value your service, let the universe know you are open for receiving.

So there are a few things I want you to do..

~ I want you to list what a luxury life looks like to you... is it 1st class flights, a cleaner, a new car... savings? When you have your list I want you to tackle one at a time. Your rich 1st class life starts today! Book the flights knowing the money will arrive... book the workshop you have had your eye on knowing the money will the nicer shampoo, wear the fucking perfume everyday and put on your fancy pants today...

~ Plan something big.... like scary pie in the sky dream big... want to do a photo shoot in Vegas? Want to plan a few months traveling.... dream board this shit, imagine yourself shooting your dream shoot... get travel books on the place, social media your "I will shoot here one day" Tell everyone that you WILL be doing it... believe it, receive it...
*FYI I have done this...The massive Red Shoe portrait competition where I will be flying the winner to Spain for a photo shoot....annndddd I shall also be taking a workshop attendee along with me  ❤

I know this sounds like airy fairy shit... but I am sharing this because the mindset you have determines your life... fact.

I wanted a new car and braces... I wrote that down everyday. I didn't need to know the "how" it was going to happen... don't make the mistake of thinking you know where the money will come from.... it will be from an unexpected place and that you need to be ready to receiving from anywhere ...

So if you are so focused on

"I will need to book 5 weddings at this for that to work"

It won't work!!

I received my new car and braces... a total amount of £15k. Now I have no idea how. If I had written down I needed £15k I think I would still be waiting, because I was waiting for the money and not the actual feeling I would have to be driving a new car, to look in the mirror and like my teeth.

So then I wanted half my debt paid off... it was a lot... I did a lot of forgiveness work... imagined that feeling of the debt I had been living with gone, and as I did the power and weight of the debt disappeared. It no longer felt like an impossible life sentence keeping me awake at night...

Half the debt has now been paid off. The money arrived... I thanked it, was grateful. I Didn't presume or believe that it was too good to be true, didn't believe "no doubt something bad will happen..."

Thoughts become things... you believe yourself to be poor you will be poor. You believe that money is draining from your account you will see bills, you believe bridal couples won't book, they won't book...

Be open to receiving ❤️

Believe that you are a superstar photographer, believe your clients are everywhere, believe that possibilities are endless... believe that this is your life... you deserve all the happiness and love in the world...

as I believe this for you...

Receive it xxxx