There is an abundance of words…and yet I cannot string a blog sentence together

// The how //

You put pen to paper.... or your fingers hover over the keys...and nothing.

No words.

You know what you want to say but...


Who would read this anyway? What have I got to say that has not been written before? Who am I to give information? I feel like I am meant to be blogging, but i'm not a writer.... I am a terrible writer anyway....

Yesterday we talked about our Purpose, today we are going to talk about how we get the words that seem locked inside into a blog post.

We communicate all the time, there are words to describe every facet of emotion, every single object around us can have many descriptions, every person around us will have different take on the same subject...

We have language, we have words in abundance....and yet when it comes to writing down our thoughts, feelings and ideas.... the words disappear or become disjointed.

How do you get over that? When you have a million words to use right there for you, what is stopping you?


Your ideas and words that you say to yourself are stopping you.

The irony ay?!!

There is an exercise I wish for you to will need to grab a pen and a piece of paper. You need to physically WRITE not type this...

I want you to write down every-single bad experience you have ever had...

Did your parents read your diary? Did your school teacher berate you? Has anything you have written ever upset or angered another? Do you struggle to spell? Do you struggle to pronounce words and so use a smaller vocabulary? 

I want you to write every bad experience down and I want you to write down how it makes/made you feel.

You may find there are things that come up that you had long forgotten. You may have a "oh shit....and that is why I do not write" moment.

Keep working on that list...and when you have nothing....absolutely nothing left. I want you to re read it, and cross out each memory as you do....scribble over that shit.

Because those experiences do not define you....those experiences happened FOR you.

The emotions attached to those experiences will disappear...some will not. This is definitely an exercise that you should be doing over and again. And you can turn this exercise to anything; money blocks, relationship blocks, lack of confidence.

The power of writing down your fears and facing them is immense.

Once you have scribbled over all of your memories, screw up the paper and put that crap in the bin...

Step two

Buy yourself a beautiful journal, a A4 ring-bound notebook...or even put aside a stack of paper.

You are now a writer, you are going to write every day....even if it just for 5 minutes. You are going to build a new muscle , but you need to train.

And I want you to write about your day went, what your future dreams are, or if you are really stuck describe what your desk/car/wordrobe looks and how it makes you feel?!

Write about anything and everything, how your family makes you feel, how photography makes you feel, keep asking yourself questions. Why do you photograph the genre you do? Why are you the photographer that you are?

You will find that you will be writing unique and meaningful quotes....just let the pen flow over the paper, don't think, just write ♥

And now that you ARE a writer, tomorrow we will be talking about blog structure...

Thank you so much for reading and I shall see you tomorrow xxxx