This information will make you a blogging star!

// A little attention please //

Give a compelling head-line and then go in for a hook statement...

"You suck at Blogging...I have a solution"

Today is a short one, and we are going to talk about how to structure your blog posts…..

Remember to keep your paragraphs short wherever possible, around 4 lines at a max. This allows your reader to scan through your blog post. It may break a few grammar rules but ask your-self; do you want content to grab attention or War and Peace?

Do not overload your blog post with images, as what will happen is the reader will just scan over and leave without really reading your content, and left with being not too sure as to what your post was about. A few of your very best images will create a far stronger Blog post.

As with the 5 laws that I have talked about and the 1st blogging post about being a social unicorn….make this post about the other person reading….this is not about you.

Create content that is;

~ Informative…

~ Problem-solving

~ Inspiration-lead

~ A topic that is close to your ideal client’s heart.

Remember to be a social unicorn…Tag, share links/interlink, write sentences that google will love…

And then share….*and that’s the scary bit

Now…I have to say, Facebook does not like you putting links on your Facebook Business page to direct people away from Facebook…you get that? I get that too….if I was Facebook I would be thinking you cheeky fucker…leave my FaceBook kid alone, he stays with me!!!

But you can always use the same content on Facebook….also create an email subscribers list so people who want to read your content will never miss a post?!

I hope you found this small post helpful….tomorrow we are going to talk about Blog Post ideas ♥