And too write about..... what to blog about?

//Let’s talk about...//

Let’s create a list of ideas for you to blog about!

This is the last day of our blogging how-to and I hope you have found the content useful and a start to your blogging voice ♥

Today we are going to create a list of content for you to blog. But before we go into the list I just wish to remind you of a few things...

~ Remember your coffee date...also known as your ideal client? Imagine yourself sat with her as you are blogging. What questions would she ask you? What is going on with her? Write as you would if you were talking to her.

~ Your words do matter! It does not matter if the topic has been covered before...think to a past version of yourself. What would the new photographer in you have wanted to know which you know now? What would you as a new parent wished you had known that you do now? What advice could you give your past self? Because someone out there will be feeling just the same way you did...

~ Write and journal every day if possible....this alone will create authentic original content

~ Do the exercise to remove any writing blocks you may have....this is a seriously immense thing for you to do, and it works believe me...

~ Give information. Make 80% of your blog posts about the other person and 20% about your weddings/photoshoots/editing in your PJs

~ What is YOUR purpose? Why are you a photographer? Why do you photograph what you do?

So for example, I photograph women because I know how it feels to not know who you are…I know how it feels to have cripplingly low self-confidence. I know how it feels to see a beautiful photograph of myself, to accept the person I am. I know the power of a portrait and I want every woman I meet to feel that too….I wish to help her get to that place.

Know your purpose and have that as the bases of each post you write…

With that in mind....I am going to start a list for your inspiration. I do not know what your purpose is, so find it and write about it always...

Feel free to print this out and carry on with your list....the list is infinite believe me ♥


·         What brides want you to know that they didn’t

·         What to wear for a family photo shoot

·         Why to NOT tell your children to smile for the photographer

·         What to think about when choosing a photographer

·         What I wished I had known when I started my photography career

·         What does beauty even mean anyway?

·         What I wished someone had warned me before the teen years {family post}

·         Why I photograph [your genre] {and then make it about them}

·         Why your photographer may have different location ideas than you do?

·         Interview an expert.

·         My 10 photo-shop lessons I wished I had known before.

·         Location photo shoot inspiration, my favourite location to photograph family’s

·         My favourite locations to photograph E-Shoots and why

·         What did your E-Shoot say about you as a couple?

·         To bunt or not to bunt {dressing your venue reception ideas}

·         Band or dj….or both at the night do of a wedding

·         The importance of the back-up wedding shoes…. or flip flops…

·         To follow current trends or not…will have a trend filled wedding date quicker?

·         So you hate having your photograph taken?

·         How to make homemade pom-poms/confetti/jams

·         What photography style mean so you know which style you are looking for..

·         How to blog ;)

·         How to treat clients

·         How I can help you find your voice

·         Why a portrait of you and your family matters

·         Why the photos in frames in my home matter to me

With much love to you

Sarah xxx