The F-Stop Posing Class


This workshop is ideal if..
~ You don’t feel confident in directing your client
~ You often feel stuck for posing ideas
~ Maybe you are happy with your posing skills but would like to push your images to the next level...?

I will show you everything I know about how to get your client to connect with you and give you believable, emotive images, I will show you the posing rules... as once you learn them, you can learn how to break them and take your images to the next level...I will Show you how I use natural light only and
I will also show you what judges look for in competition images...

This workshop is for 5 attendees only... most of the workshop is classroom based and then each person has 1-2-1 shooting time, practicing everything I have taught you...

This is a workshop where you walk away with new skills that you can use for wedding or portrait photography.


Red Shoe Makeovers photohtaphing a makeover photo shoot at my chester studio_0008.jpg


The workshop dates will be over 4 days...

Sunday 15th April

Monday 16th April

Tuesday 17th April

Wednesday 18th April

This workshop shall be at my Chester Studio

How much...?

It is a £80.00 booking fee and the remaining £100.00 would not be due until the 6th April

How to I book...?

You may pay your booking fee via bank transfer

Sarah Janes Photography

Sort Code 40-15-12

Account Number 21425765

Or PayPal

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Future Workshops....

There are possible workshops in Austria & Portugal this 2018....I know....exciting stuff! 

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