What is Red Shoe?

While trying to find a word to describe female portrait photography I came across this quote: 

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world."

I believe with all my heart that every woman is beautiful, that she is far more fearless than she will ever know.

I want every woman to have that beautiful portrait of herself, to see herself as the world see's her.

Why is this makeover studio called Red Shoe?

When i was a girl, still in my pushchair, and according to my mum was being a particular stroppy beautiful Nan decided that i needed a gift. So she brought me a pair of Red shiny shoes. And for the rest of the day i looked down at my shoes in wonder....because what my Nan did, while I was behaving at my worse, was a gift of love: was a gift to remind me that even at my worse i was loved.

And this is what i want to do for you....while you are feeling at your worse i want to remind you of your worth.

That whatever milestone you are celebrating i wish to document it.

Hell your life is here...right do not need to be the perfect you to exist in should not feel like you are unworthy of the prints in frames alongside your family. You are here too....let me show you just what the world sees in you.


My name is Sarah Sadler Photographer here at Red Shoe Makeovers; Female portrait makeover photography based in Chester UK

 Red Shoe was born 6 years ago, inspired by my joint love of photography and telling women’s’ stories- through imagery. I work alongside Mandy from Mandy Rigby and Nicole Marshall from Goddess make-up classes… both incredible artists  with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

This is not just about having your photograph taken. This is about you, your story. It's an experience, and one that, until this website, was shared only by word of mouth and Face Book.

Contact me to share your story and discuss your Red Shoe journey…