Not just a photo shoot....

I think the hardest part to try and show you is the experience you have here at Red Shoe...this is not just about getting the most beautiful portrait of yourself....the experience you have you will hold in your heart for always

It is not just merely a photograph ... that is not the point.

Red Shoe has changed lives...

You see all a woman needs is love, that’s it.

Not advice, not to be told opinions and what would be the right thing to do... just love.

And when a woman is given love, once she is shown the beauty within her.. and not the standardised version of beauty... beauty of being her, just as she is this moment (and that is love in its purest form)

She blooms into this being she never saw possible within herself. She sees herself whole and new... she then transforms herself into the person she was meant to be.

All because she was shown love.

And this is the purpose of Red Shoe. Yes you will be left with beautiful portraits of yourself... yes you will see yourself with whole new eyes... you will see the reminder of the woman that was there all this time...

whispering for you to see her

To love her

For her to be what she was always meant to be

Be a red shoe girl

And once you are you will carry that light to all the other women in your life...

Love always
Sarah xx

Red Shoe on loction 

I...the beautiful Sam and one of my new faboulous Skirts went over to the beach and created this...

A little inside look into the information Magazine....

Of course you have questions

Of course you are unsure if this is something you can do....

After you enquire with Red Shoe, this magazine will be sent across to you for you to read in your own time. If you have any questions of would like to have a chat about how you would like to be photographed i would love to chat to you...♥

What is Red Shoe...?

I little video showing you where we are and what we do

This is Pamela

Pamela's experience, in her own words ♥ with behind the scenes footage and images her own words

Telling you in her own words why she booked a red shoe shoot....I think a lot of women can relate to how she felt before the shoot experinace 

This is Ella

Ella's experience, in her own words ♥ with behind the scenes footage and images

Nicole....our Red Shoe girl

And her Red Shoe photo shoot experiance