Red Shoe Makeovers

Red Shoe makeovers is a female contemporary portrait photography studio based in Chester UK  


Female Portraits UK

A big beautiful welcome to Red Shoe, a female photography makeover studio based in Chester UK.  This is not just boudoir, this is about taking a beautiful portrait of a real woman....this is about taking the best picture you have of yourself

You have a story to tell, your life is made up of chapters and experiences. This is an experience that will stay in your heart for always, this is an experience that will reaffirm your own strength and the life you wish to have...

 We all have our own unique beauty; I would love for you to see yours.

Today will be the day that you will not be unkind to yourself….the words you say about yourself will only be said with love. 

I truly believe that your portrait experience should be something that will empower you….that gets you to that place where you will feel at home within your own skin. 

This is a day just for you….

Makeover Photography UK

What if I said I can take a beautiful portrait of you just as you are right now... ?
Imagine if you believed it was possible?
Imagine seeing yourself now being beautifully you, seeing yourself as the world sees and loves you...

Imagine if you didn't worry about what the scales said, or how many candles were on your last birthday cake...imagine if you counted the times you laughed & not the laughter lines? The challenges you faced and overcome...or lost, but here you are still standing.

You are more powerful, beautiful and far more fearless than you will ever know...

And I believe this with all my heart...

Each and every woman I meet and photograph I believe to be beautiful.....

This is a day just for you, each makeover photography experience is around 4-5 hours including hair and makeup. We aim for 5 looks in total and you are guided through the day by Sarah Sadler, your photographer with 14 years of profesional photography experience, and Mandy Rigby who has 25 years of Makeup experience 


Chester female makeover studio

There is no age to #BeARedShoeGirl...

I photograph girls aged 8 to 80 and each of them just as beautiful, each as inspiring.

Girls have travelled to the Red Shoe Makeovers Studio in Chester from London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Kent, Surrey & Sheffield for their makeover photography session with Red Shoe.  

Red Shoe is here to help guide you through the whole makeover experience...even down to where to stay in Chester. 

I believe you should exist in print, I believe having a photograph in a frame on display will give you a sense of self-love....because you exist too ♥ 

Whatever age you are, you are constantly growing into yourself... and that's what I want to photograph... you as you are today...I think every woman is fabulous and beautiful, and hope that each and every girl sees what the world sees.