Let me introduce myself….

And Red Shoe

My name is Sarah Sadler, the photographer and owner of Red Shoe - Female portraits.


When I began Red Shoe 6 years ago the most easily accessible and commonly socially accepted genre for female photography was boudoir.

In some cases this belief is still very common today. I do not believe that stripping a woman down to her underwear and getting her into sexy poses empowers her.

Instead this feeds into the idealism of an old belief system of who women are within our society. I believe that when a woman steps into her own potential, once she sees herself in a new way and not the warped self projected negative way she sees herself, she goes on to do incredible things.


I know this sounds heavily political for something that is fun and inspiring ... but from my experience of the hundreds of women I have photographed I have seen and witnessed this beautiful change. 


I have held training workshops and been invited to talk at a photographer festival.

My work for home start has been exhibited in Manchester & Birmingham.

My work at red shoe also went on to talk about the female representation within the Porn industry where I was in a three part documentary for channel 4 called “mums make Porn” and I have also talked about men’s mental health on radio interviews and to local businesses.

My aim is to share thoughts and ideas on social platforms that will help women change their self view from a negative to a positive and to ultimately for me to photograph and give as many women as possible an incredible life changing experience at Red Shoe.


In the future I hope that these new belief systems will change our next generation of daughters into the full potential they should be, and that masochistic toxic views will be eradicated to make way for men with better mental health and support systems. 

Let’s be human. 

Thank you so much for reading, take a look at “walk a mile in her shoes” to read about what our queens have said about their experience.....

I hope that one day you will see that you have a million reasons to step into your full potential.... #BeARedShoeGirl

and when you do please do get in touch

much love