"I actually can't thank you enough for all that you do Sarah, not just for myself but for all the others in the {red shoe workshop} group.. I would have never thought I would ever own my own studio.. but your workshop gave me just the push i needed.. I love you, you are bloody amazing xxx"

6 month mentoring // Sarah Bee Photography

I just wanted to say Thank you, for working with me last year, I can honestly say, you have made huge difference to my business. Firstly, to the way my business looks, I was really shocked when you said I should change my website, I had paid a lot of money for it, but when I listened to your reasons I got what you were saying. So now my new website has given me the ability to connect with potential new customers even before we have spoken, and this is something I couldn’t have done before, my website is still a working progress but I love it now. and secondly, you have given me the confidence to take all the parts of my business that I love and to use them to grow and develop a really healthy business.

I would say to any photographer out there thinking of using a mentor, maybe your working alone and are feeling a little lost in this big competitive world of photography, I would recommend you have a chat with Sarah.

You will meet a very warm hearted open person, who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work, she has the ability to put you at ease with those areas you feel you lack most in confidence, she will share her knowledge and expertise with you and help and guild you where you feel you need it and also importantly, where she feels you need it.

My mentoring was tailored to my needs straight from the start, and it changed organically as I changed, as I realised me strengths and knew where my weaknesses still lay. Im enjoying now putting into practice all I have learnt and I’m looking forward to some work shops to help me continue to grow and build my business.

Thank you again Sarah, and I wish you all the success with your plans for the future, and thank you for your continued friendship..

Love you always

our sarah x

Workshop // Karen Long Photography

“Last week I attended a workshop, run by the talented, sassy, and bloody beautiful Sarah over in her Red Shoe Studio in Cheshire.

The lovely Lucy who was our real woman model for the day had her hair and make up done by the magical Mandy Rigby who is nothing short of amazing at what she does, Mandy is also part of the whole Red Shoe experience (I can highly vouch for this experience, I have had my own session done, and can’t put into words how utterly amazing it was) Sarah ran through various posing techniques, designed to flatter and bring out the very best in female clients, after some lunch and laughter, we had the chance to pose Lucy and take some shots, with the guidance of Sarah. 

I learnt so much from this workshop, I can highly recommend it to fellow photographers. Not only did sarah share her tips and experience, she also opened up her heart. Her friendly personality, quirky wit and endless energy made the workshop fun, interactive and worth every single penny. 

Sarah, Mandy & Lucy... thank you for a wonderful day... you have no idea how much my creative juices are flowing.


File 04-05-2017, 17 13 03.jpeg

3 month mentoring // Nick Mizen Photography

Word up.......  After doing wedding courses with Brett Harkness, Jonny Draper and Allan Law, in which I learnt a lot, I felt I lacked confidence in posing brides. I went on Sarah's one day course and learnt so much about the mindset you need and completely began to see things differently, her posing skills are incredible and the way she's gets it across to you, making you understand gives you confidence, belief and the ability. I was that impressed after the one day I enquired about a mentoring program. Right from the first consultation when Sarah planned a bespoke package for me, I knew that it was the right thing to do, going over my portfolio and giving honest feedback first. I then 2nd shot a wedding with Sarah and learnt so much more than you can on a course as its all real and not staged. It was great to be reassured in some of the things I already did, then made realise I would over complicate certain things after seeing Sarah in action. Next we went through the images we'd shot together and got some help culling another wedding I was editing and struggling with at the time with some very helpful critique. The complete cherry on the top was to Have my partner fully made up at the studio then Sarah helped with extensive posing throughout the shoot. It was an amazing experience in its self and has given Laura so much more confidence in front of the camera and she absolutly loves the pictures. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sarah for making me believe Nick x

Workshop // Mel a non-photographer

"Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms and people come in to our lives and touch our souls in ways that we can never explain, they change us, challenge us and leave us better people than if we had never crossed paths.

Whole heartedly I can say that meeting Sarah and Mandy changed my life. Meeting them as a Red shoe girl, broken and wounded by life they inspired my soul in ways that I can never repay. They showed me that we all hold a beauty within, if only we allow ourselves to express it in our own unique way.

Having spent time with such inspirational strong women I learnt that my gift to the world was having a connection with people and how I can make others feel good about themselves. They inspired me to want to bring this gift to others who struggle with demons within themselves and show them that they are beautiful inside and out, regardless of how they think the world views them.

This has inspired me on a journey of rediscovery, with a desire to portray the beauty of the soul through photography and art; being a complete novice I attended Sarah's workshop and felt completely inspired.

Sarah and Mandy work in tandem to bring to the forefront the beauty of an individual. 

They lay their vision and experience on the table and show their fellow artists what a gift you are giving by allowing another to show their vulnerability.

Thank you ladies"


File 04-05-2017, 17 13 17.jpeg

Workshop // Rachel Sian Photography

“Attending Sarah’s Red Shoe workshop has given me the confidence and tools to do something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I want to make women feel beautiful in their own skin, because lets face it, most of us don’t! In this modern world where the media is so heavily focused on body image and what body shape is fashionable today... women are striving for perfection and we feel that we are never going to be good enough and meet the criteria to be able to call ourselves ‘beautiful’!

But hell no, this is not true. We are good enough! We are not perfect, but unique! We have scares that tell stories, lines that shows we have lived, experience that gives us strength, strength that fuels our future and we can do what we want! We don’t have flaws, we have our quirks and unique characteristics and these are the qualities I want to explore with women when they come for a photo shoot with me. I want them to be themselves, relaxed, pampered, able to open up to me and tell me who they really are. 

Before I attended the workshop, I did not have these words in my head, I had no idea what I wanted to offer other than ‘make over sessions’ and a way to make women feel beautiful, but Sarah explained this all so well and something in my head & soul clicked and I realised what I needed to do.

One of the main things I was worried about learning and it’s probably the most important part of photographing a woman, was how to pose. If a woman isn’t posed correctly the portrait can look messy/ cheesy and just not good! I didn’t think I would be able to remember all the little detail, but when Sarah demonstrated on how to pose, she made it so simple and I was eager to go away and put this into practise!

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has an interest in photographing women, whether it’s family portraits, weddings, boudoir etc.. this workshop WILL help you, not only in a technical way, but in a soul searching way as it has for myself.

I’d like to thank you Sarah and your very talented make up artist Mandy Rigby for all your hard work and inspiration.

Rachel Roberts”

Workshop // Gem from Lee Price Productions

"Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...

Where to start...

Well firstly, let's start by saying thank you (seems a good enough place to me!?) for having me at your Red Shoe workshop yesterday. What you have created through these shoots is awe inspiring and as soon as you posted about your desire to share your knowledge with others, I just knew I had to be there and soak up as much as I possibly could. As a (definite!) 'beginner' to photography I have been overwhelmed by the critique I see on images in forums/groups, that I think are beautiful, so as you can imagine I have absolutely no confidence that I could ever create an image that someone would say 'WOW' at!

However, attending your workshop yesterday has ignited a passion in me to create beautiful images, I'm not even sure what of yet, but I know that I want to see emotion and create a depth and feeling from an image that the viewer didn't know was there. I cannot thank you enough for speaking 'normally' about light and posing and not bombarding me with terms and phrases I don't completely get yet. I will be shouting from the rooftops to anyone who has even the slightest interest in photography to get in touch with you and attend a workshop. You have so much knowledge and passion to share, you are an amazing teacher and hugely inspiring...and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart...

All my love,
Gems x"

Video Credit to jade langton-evans photography