Debbie | Red Shoe

Debbie....I love your words....and I just adored photographing you

"To those of you like me who never feel thin enough, pretty enough, confident enough then Red Shoe is a must. It gives you such a long lasting boost once you see the images that the talented Sarah produces. You think could that actually be little ol me!!!! Nicole was so patient and got my make-up just right and what a fantastic day I had purely dedicated to me. I never thought I could look so beautiful and I am proud to be a Red Shoe girl 

I have a very full busy life. I am wife to my wonderful husband Ian who bought me the gift of Red Shoe and made a wish of mine come true. I am a mother of two and step mum to three great young adults.  I am a landlady of three rental properties .... These photographs will certainly get rid of the myth of the image of apron and rollers. I am a part time sales assistant and help care for an elderly lady. I am also very lucky to be  rich in friends and have an active social life. 

The words I gave Sarah were Reflective, Chic and Simple and she certainly got it perfectly right for me. 

My parents have both sadly passed away over the last seven years which was devastating to myself and my two sisters. It's a phase in your life you never want to experience.  Although the pain gets easier, it never entirely leaves you and you try to think fond memories and life does go on. One such memory is a saying I shared with my mother. 

Can these wings make me fly I asked
No she replied but Happiness can."