Dear Husband…

This is a message for all husbands/partners/boyfriends

She doesn’t see what you see... this beautiful woman on your arm has absolutely no idea. I know you may not always get this... I know that at times this may frustrate the hell out of you.

Your beautiful, incredible woman standing in front of the mirror crippling herself with self hate talk...

You try and reassure her... you remind her every single day...

And still she does not see what you see...

From my experience this is her journey. You can tell a woman for all of eternity how incredibly brilliant she is... ultimately she has to believe this for herself.

She will only do this if she sees it for herself.

Show her!

Show her with love.

Show her with patience.

Show her by listening, and listen without feeling the need to give a solution.

Show her her worth even when she cannot see it ❤️