Jasmin | Red Shoe Makeovers

When you meet someone so young, that has been through so much already, when you witness the utter strength and the utter love from her family....

Jasmin my little kitten...I love you ♥

"My day as a red shoe girl was meant to show me who I am again. Over the last 5years I have struggled with my health, which impacted my weight, my life and my mental health. I was no longer me. I honestly didn't think I would get any decent photos but after following red shoe for a year, I decided I wanted to go and gain my confidence back.

I had no idea what to expect, I was so nervous. But when I arrived Mandy made me feel like part of her family, right at home. She begins her magic doing my hair and makeup. My hair was so me; messy and big, my makeup she used colours I would have never touched before as I have pale skin but the pinks really worked. Mandy made me look like a superstar. Sarah arrives and we all just start chatting like you would with a close friend, any nerves or fears I had just began to melt away.

The shoot, all the way through Sarah was telling me how stunning and naturally beautiful I am with my dreamy creamy skin and to be honest I just thought she says that to everyone. Each pose she makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed and I actually started to have loads of fun. The time just flew before I knew it, it was over. But I was then genuinely excited to see the pictures.

Today I received the images, my first response was 'Wow! Oh wow! They are stunning' I couldn't believe it was me in those images. I just want to thank Mandy and Sarah from the bottom of my heart for giving me, myself again! I am so much more comfortable and relaxed with myself, and I will no longer second guess what I look like. You two are true angels

Jasmin xx"