Lisa | Red Shoe Makeovers were a absolute joy to photograph. You look incredible!!!!

Your story is one to be told...

Much love to you x

My story...

I have been with my husband, Simon for 12 years and married for 9.  It’s fair to say we have had our share of ups and downs and fate has dealt us some tough obstacles during the duration of our relationship. 

On our honeymoon I noticed an odd looking mole on Simon’s calf. To cut a long story short it turned out to be spreading skin cancer.  I took it badly; we had so many plans and had already overcome loads of hurdles to be facing/fighting this at what should be a happy time as newlyweds. 

He fought it and was given the all clear after 5 years.  During that time we had welcomed two little girls to our family. 

I have always been a dedicated horse lover/owner.  I kept myself active and never worried about my weight . If my jodhpurs seemed a bit tight I would cut back until they weren’t – simple! I was happy and confident and my husband loved me so that was all that mattered.  After having two children I have gained about a stone that I have lost the motivation to lose but I am comfortable so don’t really put in the effort to lose it.

Seven years after his initial cancer, my husband discovered a lump in his groin.  On the 16th December 2013 we were told the cancer had returned to his lymph glands.  Christmas/New Year passed in a blur and Simon had his operation in early January 2014. 

Simon is in remission but it has been one hell of a journey for us all as a family.  We have all changed as a result, some positive changes and some less positive.  Over all, our relationship as husband and wife has changed.  I realised this and decided to do something about it – we have lost too much to cancer to lose our relationship too!

I did the Red Shoe photo shoot so that I can present the pictures to my husband as his (slightly overweight) but new wife.  We both have a journey to re-discover each other and accept the changes that have occurred and grow to love and accept them.  I loved the whole experience and for the day felt like a princess! I keep looking at the images as I can’t believe it’s me!  Simon hasn’t seen them yet as I want to present them in a special way when the time is right.

I hope he likes them and is as determined as I am to make this work. x