I am not a boudoir photographer

Maybe we should go back a few steps and ask

what is boudoir photography?

When I think of boudoir, I think of boobs and bum shots, stockings and suspenders.

I will hold my hands up and say that when I started playing with the idea of red shoe I did try these kind of shots….but they never sat well with me..

They didn’t feel right

I wanted to photograph woman, but there was not anything out there that inspired me…

Why does a woman have to wear really uncomfortable underwear and put her legs in the air to be called sexy? Is that what sexy is…?

I didn’t think so!

I think every woman is beautiful….just as she is. I think being sexy/beautiful is you just being you…just as you are right now.

Every single woman I have met will hate something about herself

Too old

Too fat

Too skinny

Shows too much gum when she smiles

Her skin

Her face!

If I had a penny for every time I was told “oooo I would love to do a red shoe….but I am just not brave enough” I would be off the coast of Barbados sipping cocktails…

Because the mass idea on the market is that women should dress up and squeeze into stockings to feel stupid in the process and dare for a second that they could be beautiful? This will then make them sexy


Not going to happen..

Not on my watch….


This is not boudoir

This is about you embracing yourself for all your unique quirks

This is about you being comfortable and happy in your own skin

This is about you just as you are

This is you finally sticking the middle finger to that voice in your head that tells you every




That you need to lose weight to be happy

That your stomach needs to be flatter

Your hair needs to be fuller

That you need to be kinder and more loving to everyone else

And do not complain about yourself

Nope….no one wants to hear how you are struggling

Just smile and make it easier for everyone else.

And all the while forgetting…

You are woman

You are more powerful and fearless then you will ever know

This is not boudoir….

I would never put you into that horrible box and tell you

“There you are….you did a boudoir shoot….now you are sexy…tra-dah”

No I am not going to do that to you…

I want to photograph you because I believe with all my heart…

That if you give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world

Sarah xx