When self belief becomes a daily practice, not a destination 🖤

You kinda believe that once you have done all the self work...

Or reached a weight goal

A business goal

More confident

Feeling stronger in your own capabilities.

That that is,



All work done and you have reached your end point.

And the one thing I have learnt is that....

Once you have reached that goal... whatever that may be for you.... you don’t then stop doing the work.

This is now your new daily practice... it’s work every single day. You stop doing that work and guess what? You are going to end up back at the beginning.

So instead of setting yourself goals, instead of wishing you were more confident/braver/fitter

Darling teach yourself new daily practices!

If listening to motivation videos and audio books help you feel more confident.... then it is now part of your new daily practice.

If going to the gym or walking helps you become stronger, then this is your new daily practice.

There is no quick fix.... there is no one stop shop that can fix how you feel about yourself for the rest of your life.

Ladies that have come to us feel incredible... but afterwards they will have times were old belief systems will creep back in...

Because, you know, well...life....!

I know with a few ladies when this has happened they look at their portraits and say

“What would she do?”

Their portraits are their daily reminder of their authentic true self.... but seriously life will kick you in the arse over and again if you believe short term fixes will change your life....

What new practices can you bring into your daily life? Think about that and less about what you wish needs to happen to create the life fully lived ❤️