Meg Moo's Birthday Party

So when my 13 year old daughter {I know....I don't know how she is 13 years old! I am shocked I have kept her alive TBH} said she wanted a photo-shoot birthday party, at 1st I was relieved that she had finally decided what she wanted to do...and then instantly filled with stress...I DO NOT photograph Children.

This was going to be hell.....

The morning of the shoot we were there early, putting up bunting, filling balloons with helium {two burst...}

Trying to work out how to use the Chocolate fountain. And then Megan's Friends arrived!! Off they went to the makeup room while I photographed Erin for a little bit, and so the shoot began....and it was hilarious! The girls absolutely loved it {at one point they were singing twinkle twinkle little star on helium, high on chocolate fountain, while I tried to take "classic" portraits!}

But it was only when I turned the camera around, and the girls saw their images I realized just how important this shoot was...the girls looked at their images and actually loved what they saw! Imagine your awkward teenage years, being uncomfortable and shy {just me then??} and realizing that, just as you are right perfect!

Every little girl should have a red shoe, lets fill a generation of girls who are confident and their own kind of beautiful

Happy 13th Birthday my beautiful girl